Vacation Rental Turnkey Project Proposal

RE: Scope of Work/Fee Proposal

PROJECT # _______________

Dear Client,

Vacation Home Interiors (VHI) is pleased to submit this proposal for design services pertaining to the design and furnishing of your property at Address__________________________________________________________. We view your project as both fun and challenging, and hope we can help to make this a seamless and enjoyable experience.


To create a complete design and furnishing package which will enable you to market the property as __________________as an upscale luxury vacation rental. This package includes the furniture, bedding ensembles, window treatments, linens, towels, artwork, lamps, kitchen and designer accent pieces and accessories.  Project specific goals include creating a color scheme, logo and unique brand image.

Design Process

After considering the goals of the project we feel the most beneficial way is to proceed through the accomplishment of a sequence of tasks. Described individually, the objective is to provide an understanding of the task inter relationships to the overall design and furnishing plan. Consistent with above requests, we propose the following design tasks be undertaken concurrently.

-  Schematic color scheme

-  Furnishing selection criteria

-  Logo development

-  Furnishing layout/placement plan

-  Fixtures and furnishing acquisition strategy

Scope of Work

This project will entail creating a design and furnishing package for the ____________. We will provide you with a presentation of different pieces of furniture that we recommend for each of the room. This design package will consist of coordination of colors and a specific theme throughout the house. We will also create a logo and band image that will be used on the amenity bar soaps as well as the shampoo and bath towels. The process for completing this scope of work is broken into the tasks below.

Task 1 – Furnishing Design Plan
VHA will create a color scheme and complete design plan to include all rooms in the Waterfall house. We will provide recommendations for furniture, bedding ensembles, decorating accent pieces as well as artwork recommendations.

Task 2 – Design Placement of Furnishings
VHA will create a schematic showing the placement of all the furniture and furnishing throughout the home to enable the project manager to understand placement of the furniture and furnishing elements that have been planned for each of the rooms.

Task 3 – Logo and Brand Image
VHA will also develop a logo and brand image amenity soaps and shampoo and bathroom towels supporting the name and image of Name of the Project.

Task 4 – Procurement and Delivery
When the essential criteria of Task 1-3 have been satisfied, VHA will provide the necessary project management skills in support of; a) scheduling, b) procurement, c) delivery coordination for all furniture, bedding ensembles, lamps, artwork, decorator accent pieces and essential elements necessary for a turn-key vacation rental.

Task 5 Project Management
VHA will provide project management in accordance with the project plan and allocated budgetary considerations and oversight budget and overall design and project plan from concept to completion.


VHA will provide the following:
• A detailed schematic showing the placement of all the furniture.
• An accounting schedule of all costs incurred in execution of this project.
• All receipts invoices and documents accumulated as a result of this project
• Color palettes, furniture collections fabric coordination schedules.


In order to assure a mutual understanding of the scope of this project the following elements are excluded from the project and therefore are disclosed as not included:

-  Televisions
-  Electronic equipment including: 
-  Computer networking / printing equipments
-  Satellite / Cable Set-Top-Boxes
-  Telephone(s) wireless or fixed wire
-  “HiFi” radio or media room equipment
-  Speakers or sound distribution equipment
-  Patio Furnishings or Barbeque 

Consistent with other described tasks, VHA recognizes a responsibility to comment and provide guidance as to color /style to assure integrity in the overall flow of the decorating objective with regard to the above noted items.

• Freight and Delivery and Sales Tax Costs
• Costs associated with site visit
• On site support for delivery, unpacking, setup and trash (packaging) removal.

Fees & Terms

We propose providing above described services in accordance with the following pricing schedule:
• Design services the amount of _____hrs at $______per hour a total of $.000
• Exhibit A (enclosed) provides a budgetary estimate of approximately $.000
• A fixed fee of 25% will be added to the procurement cost to cover project management, packaging/shipping and shopping.

Total budgetary estimate for this project is estimated at $.000

Any adjustment to the scope of work will be documented as a modification to this Contract. Changes to this agreement shall be pre-approved in written/e-mail form prior to execution. Should your project needs change, the work efforts can be amended, suspended or modified at any time during the process. As appropriate, we will provide new fee estimates to reflect changes in scope or schedule. All costs included in this proposal are estimates only, and may change due to any sorts of conditions, which cannot be foreseen.

Reimbursable Expenses

Reimbursable expenses accrued and related specifically to this project such as Freight and Shipping will be presented at cost without fee.

Rights in Data

VHA design and corresponding drawings and work are owned by VHA, and upon payment in full will become owned wholly by the client. Final deliverables will not be released until full payment has been received.
Upon approval from the client, VHA may use media such as its company website, and photographs for use in our company portfolio.
However, under no circumstance will the client’s address or name appear on any marketing media without written approval.


We believe that the task, cost and fees associated with the scope described here in constitute a sound estimate to establish your property as a Luxury Vacation Rental Property. We look forward to establishing a business relationship in association with this effort.


Vacation Home Interiors

A wholly owned subsidiary of

**  References gladly supplied upon request