Vacation Home Services

A few other services we offer to the vacation rental market are Guest Book Instruction Manuals, a Kitchen locator Map with kitchen drawer and cabinet labeling and a Inventory tracking system.  We also provide a secret quality inspection service to insure your vacation home is meeting your quality and customer service and satisfaction standards. 

Guest Service Instruction Manual

How many times have you been called by a guest with a simple question on how to operate something in your vacation home?   We can help to reduce the number of calls you receive with the creation of a Guest Service Instruction Manual.  With a guest service instruction manual it will help to give your guests detailed instructions including photos on how to operate everything from how to turn on and off the oven in the kitchen to how to set the alarm clock in the bedroom. 

Guest Service Manual Pricing - $250.00

Basic Guest Service Instruction Manual (up to 25 pages) $250.00
Includes the following:   
Check-In Instructions

Heating and Air Conditioning (with photos)

High Speed Internet Instructions (with photos)
Television and Cable or Satellite Instructions (with photos) 
 BBQ Grilling and Cleaning procedure 
Power Outages
 Swimming Pool, Spa and or Hot Tub Rules 
 Oven, Range, Dishwasher Instructions and Kitchen Rules 
 Check-Out Instructions 
 Emergency Services 

Satellite & TV Controllers


Housekeeper Instruction Manual

How many times have you walked into your vacation home to find the beds not made the way you want them or the towels not folder orderly?  Our housekeeper manual provides detailed instructions.  Includes a detail housekeeper check-list.

Housekeeper Manual Pricing - $250.00

Basic Housekeeper Instruction Manual (up to 25 pages) $250.00
Includes the following:   
Instructions for making up Beds (includes photos)

Bathrooms includes Folding Towels (photos included)

Kitchen Counters and Appliance Instructions (photos included)
Housekeeper Check-List (Sample check list included) 
Inventory Audit and Monitoring (sample check list included0 
Guest Departure Inspection Procedure (sample included)

Sample Instruction Manual for making up the beds



Kitchen Inventory Locator System 

Are you receiving calls asking where something is located in your Kitchen? Our Kitchen Floor Plan and labeling system with locator number is a wonderful aid in helping to describe where to find everything in your kitchen.  We also offer a kitchen cabinet labeling service and general routine kitchen organizing service. 


Kitchen Locator Floor Plan  $125.00
Inventory Key Locator Map (color coded sample below) $  25.00
Kitchen Cabinet and Drawer Photos $ 75.00

Kitchen Labeling Service (includes label tape)

 Total Kitchen Locator System                                            (up to 12 cabinets & or 12 drawers)$400.00
 *  Additional Cabinets and or Drawers 12.00/ea
 Kitchen Organizing Service  $100.00

Inventory Key Locator Map

Cabinet & Drawer Locator Map

Lower Cabinets Locator Key 

 #    Description
 1 Pantry Storage (empty for Guest Storage)
 2 Pots and Pans
 3 Lazy Susan (empty for Guest Storage)
 4 Mixing Bowls
 5 Pyrex Bake ware
 6 Corning Bake ware and Metal Cookie sheets and Loaf tins
 7 Misc. Extra Pots and Pans
 8Small Appliance Cabinet

Drawer Locator Key

 #    Description
 10 Placemats
 11 Serving Trays
 12 Hand Mixer, whisk, baking utencils
 13 Kitchen Knives
 14 Kitchen Tools
 15 Graters
 16 Misc. Pots and Pans, Pancake Griddle
 17 BBQ Tools
 18 Pot Holders
 19 Flatware and Coffee Filters
 20 Emergency Supplies (Batteries, Flashlights, First Aid Kit, Matches, Candles)

Upper Cabinets Locator Key

 # Description
 21 Condiments Cabinet
 22 Dinnerware
 23 Mugs and Glassware
 24 Wine Glasses
 25 Salt and Pepper Shakers
 26 Serving Bowls
 27 Counter Top: (Toaster, Canister Set, Knife Set) 



Inventory Tracking

Having difficulty keeping track of your Vacation Home Inventory ?  Do you know what condition your kitchen is in and what needs replacement right now ?  Have you been wondering what condition your towels and linens are in ?  We offer a service that will take a full inventory on an on call or scheduled basis.  Upon completion we will provide a detailed report on condition and recommendations on replacement or items that should be added to your inventory along with photographs.  The inventory list can also be used as a marketing tool in providing a complete list along with photographs of how your kitchen is stocked.

Rate:  $50.00/hr (4 hour minimum)

Sample Inventory List and Rating Scale

General Condition of InventoryRating Scale
 Excellent A
 Good B
 Fair C
 Poor (needs replacement) D

Bake ware  (Rating = A)  
Cake pans (12" round) 2
Cake rack 1
Cookie sheets (Large) 1
Cookie sheets (Small) 1
Loaf Pan  2
Muffin plan 1
Pyrex 12 x 18 pan 1
Pyrex pie plate 1
Pyrex square pan 1
Square Serving Dish 1

(Rating = A) 
CookwareSet (Large Pot with lid) 1
CookwareSet (Medium Pot with lid) 1
CookwareSet (Pan Large) 1
CookwareSet (Pan Small) 1
CookwareSet (Small Pot with Lid) 1
Griddle Pancake 1

(Rating = B)
Kitchen Knives (12 pc set)

(Rating =A)
Coffee Mugs 8
Creamer & Sugar 1
Dinnerware Plates 12
Bread Plates 12
Lunch Plates 12
Cereal Bowls 12
Oval Platter 1
Oval Serving Dish 1
Serving Bowls 1

(Rating =A)
Flatware (set of 12) 1
Flatware Serving set 1

Glassware  (Rating = A)
Ice Tea Glasses 12
Juice Glasses 12
Water Goblets 12
Wine glasses (Red) 12
Wine glasses (White) 12

Kitchen Tools
(Rating = B)
Can opener 1 
Corkscrew 1 (difficult to use)
Ice Cream Scoop 1
measuring cups (set of 4) 1
measuring spoons (set of 4) 1
Mixing Spoon large plastic 1
Potato Peeler 1
Spatula 1
Tongs 2 (one has slight tarnish)
Omelet Turner 1
Slotted Spoon 1
Whisk 1

(Rating = C)
Canister Set of three (Large, Medium, Small) 1 (small chip on large lid)
Chip and Dip Set 1
(small chip on two sides of dip bowl) 
Crock for utensils 1
Cutting Board 1
Dish Drainer 1
Dispenser Lotion Pump 1
(pump non operational)
Juice pitcher 1
Paper towel Holder 1
Placemats 10 (2 out of 10 soiled and stained)
Salt and Pepper Shakers 1
Serving Tray 1
Spoon Rest 1
Tea Kettle 1
Trash Can 1
(small dent in lid)

Mixing Bowls 
(Rating = A)
Mixing Bowls Stainless Steel set of 5
mixing bowl large plastic 1
mixing bowl small plastic 1

Small Appliances 
(Rating = A)
Blender Electric  1 
Toaster  1

Coffee Maker 1        

Food Processor 1 
Waffle Maker  1 

Sandwich Maker 1

Linen Closet Inventory

 Linen Inventory Inventory Actual Condition Rating
 King Sheets4 4 B
 Queen Sheets7 7 B
 Full Sheets2 2 B
 Twin Sheets4 4 A
 King Pillow cases6 4 B
 Standard Pillow cases109 B

 Towel Inventory Inventory Actual Condition Rating
 Bath Towels 12 12 B
 Hand Towels12 11 B
 Wash Cloths12 12 B


Secret Quality Inspection

The retail industry has what are called Secret Shoppers.  The purpose of a Secret Shopper is to give the department store feedback on their shopping experience.  We use the same principal as department stores in sending our Secret Vacation Guest to your vacation home to appraise you on the vacation rental experience.  We will provide you with a detailed report that outlines areas such as the reservation experience, knowledge of your home, customer satisfaction, general cleanliness, efficiency of staff and with an overall rating.

Pricing:  $100.00 per visit (24 hours)