Does your Vacation Home need help with a Brand Image?

Does your Vacation Rental Property have a logo with a recognizable brand image? Or is it just another property in the long list of vacation properties available? Branding and Image is another very important aspect to what it takes to grow your vacation rental business. In today's competitive vacation rental market it is extremely important to set yourself apart. This is where image and branding come in as very important element of your marketing plan. Most vacation home owners think nothing of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a listing site advertisement. Yet have not spent one penny on creating brand image or identity for their vacation home. The Bed and Breakfast industry has already figured this out but the Vacation Home Industry is lagging behind. If a vacation rental home as a product why would you market something that has on identity or brand recognition? If you decide to sell your vacation home down the road you are not only selling the real estate you are selling your brand as well as good will that has real value.  We can assist in creating a very special brand image that is memorable. Below are a few examples to show you how we have used the image to tie the look and feel in with the design decor. We also understand how valuable the brand is to protecting our rights so all photos, logos and image has been trademark. 

Brand Image - Fee $1,250.00

A brand image is necessary to setting your vacation rental apart from the rest of the pack. This image carries through to your logo, website, business cards and letterhead and is used for guest stationary and amenity soaps and shampoos.

  • Logo Design and Development $650.00
  • Trademark Registration $650.00

Amenity Items - $1,000.00

 Starter Amenity Kit includes one case of amenity soaps,shampoo and conditioner includes logo artwork set up fee.




Logo created for Timber Lodge on Orcas Island in the San Juan Islands shows an example of how the brand image was used to carry the Native American Indian theme throughout the design and decor of this log home. 


The Eagle feather became the prime focal point of the Brand Image and used in the logo for this vacation home.  We then selected accent pieces to create a memorable image thoughout the cabin.  This can be seen in the area rug and table lamp in the photos above.