Welcome to Vacation Home Interiors.  I'm so pleased that you have stumbled across our website.  Please pull up a comfortable chair and sit for a spell while I guide you though our website and talk to you about the services we offer.

Vacation Home Interiors offers a number of services all dedicated to the vacation home and second home owner.  Our specialty is interior design and decorating with emphasis on vacation homes.  Vacation Home Interiors is a division of Vacation Holdings a luxury vacation rental company.  With 10 years of experience in the vacation rental market we have a keen understanding of what makes a vacation rental home run smoothly as well as what amenities and design elements a  vacationer is looking for in a vacation home.  Since vacation homes decor is our specialty we have been driven to find the best suppliers, that offer unique and diversified products with price points that will fit a range of budgets.  We also offer full turn key set up packages that includes everything from the furniture and furnishings to the toaster in the kitchen.  A few other services we offer to the vacation rental market are Guest Book Instruction Manuals, a Kitchen locator Map with kitchen drawer and cabinet labeling and a Inventory tracking system.  We also provide a secret quality inspection service to insure your vacation home is meeting or exceeding customer service and satisfaction standards. 

Vacation Rental Marketing Tools

  Floor Plans for Marketing

Let's take a moment and place that pillow on your back so that I can describe   a few of our other services such as Floor Plans.  This is a really valuable aid in helping describe the layout of your vacation home.  If your home is on the market it is also an tool to help clients remember where all the rooms are in your home.  Floor plans run as low as $199.00 up to1,600 square foot and $499.00 for larger homes.  If you think of the time you are spending on the phone and through email to describe your property and how easy it would be to send a just send the floor plan or a link to your website.  We also can assist with Home Staging which includes Rental of Furniture and Accessories. 

Vacation Rental Home Services Kitchen Locator System

Are you receiving calls asking where something is located in your Kitchen? Our Kitchen Floor Plan with locator number system is a wonderful aid in helping to describe where to find everything in your kitchen.  We also provide services in full kitchen cabinet and drawer labeling.

Inventory Tracking   Having difficulty keeping track of your Vacation Home Inventory ?  Do you know what condition your kitchen is in and what needs replacement right now ?  Have you been wondering what condition your towels and linens are in ?  We offer a service that will take a full inventory on an on call or scheduled basis.  Upon completion we will provide a detailed report on condition and recommendations on replacement or items that should be added to your inventory along with photographs.  The inventory list can also be used as a marketing tool in providing a complete list along with photographs of how your kitchen is stocked.

What makes a Vacation Home Special?

   Interior Design Projects

Vacation Homes with a designer touch will clearly set your home apart from the rest of the vacation rental pack. We have a great deal of experience in the vacation rental market and have extensive knowledge of what vacation renters are looking for in today's competitive environment. All it takes is a few accent pieces, some reupholstered furniture and a few new furniture pieces to give you home a new face lift.

  Remodeling & Refurbishment

If your vacation home is looking tired or outdated it may be time to redecorate. We can help with just the right style and color scheme that will give you a coordinated look throughout. Our goal is to select special accent pieces to enhance the interest and beauty of every vacation home project. We strive to find just the right decorator touches and amenities to make your guest’s trip memorable and exciting.  In most cases our clients have seen a 100% return on the redecorating investment within one year. We invite you to spend some time viewing some of the projects we have worked on. This will give you an idea of what we can do to help you with your vacation rental home. We can work on a room by room basis or a complete project.

Turnkey Furnishings & Design is our Specialty

  Turnkey Furnishings

Builders Struggling to make Construction Loan Payments?

Builders are your homes sitting vacant? Are you struggling to make those construction loan payments? We have the perfect solution....turn those vacant homed into vacation rentals. This will not only provide you with income to help offset construction loan payments but also provide more exposure to your properties. Vacation Home Interiors can help with a complete furnishing set up or simply spruce the home up so you can start generating income to offset those payments. We have helped a number of builders turn excess inventory into successful cash lowing vacation rentals.  We typically can have a home fully furnished and set up for as low as $20,000 and ready to go in as little as four weeks!  

Logo Development and Brand Image

Brand Image Development

Put your feet up and stay a bit longer so I can talk to you about another service we offer.  Branding and Image is another very important aspect to a what it takes to growing your vacation rental home business.  In today's competitive vacation rental market it is extremely important to set yourself apart.  This is where image and branding come in as very important element of your marketing plan.  Most vacation home owners think nothing of spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars for a  listing site advertisement.  Yet have not spent one penny on creating brand image or identity for there vacation home.  The Bed and Breakfast industry has already figured this out but the Vacation Home Industry is lagging behind.  If a vacation rental home as a product why would you market something that has on identity or brand recognition ?  If you decide to sell your vacation home down the road you are not only selling the real estate you are selling your brand as well as good will that has real value. 

Customer Service and Satisfaction

Secret Quality Inspections  The retail industry has what are called Secret Shoppers.  The purpose of a Secret Shopper is to give the department store feedback on their shopping experience.  We use the same principal as department stores in sending our Secret Vacation Guest to your vacation home to appraise you on the vacation rental experience.  We will provide you with a detailed report that outlines areas such as the reservation experience, knowledge of your home, customer satisfaction, general cleanliness, efficiency of staff and with an overall rating.

Vacation Rental Instruction Manuals

  Instruction Manuals

How many times have you been called by a guest with a simple question on how to operate something in your vacation home?  We can help to reduce the number of calls you receive with the creation of a Guest Service Instruction Manual.  With a guest service instruction manual it will help to give your guests detailed instructions including photos on how to operate everything from how to turn on and off the oven in the kitchen to how to set the alarm clock in the bedroom.